From the album About Love

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Megan Sheehan / Jim Femino (BMI/SESAC)
© 2012 Ms. Coco Music Publishing (BMI). © 2012 Jim Femino Songs (SESAC). All Rights Reserved. Used By Permission.

Suitcase, open on the bed
Clothes scattered on the floor,
You, watchin’ from our picture
On the nightstand, over by door

Somebody here is walkin’
Somebody’s wearin’ their goodbye shoes
Somebody here is losin’ me
And that somebody is …(you)

Somebody’s out there cheatin’
Somebody thinks I don’t have a clue
Somebody out there’s losin’ me
And that somebody is you

My ring, lying on your pillow,
Next to the matchbook with her name
Lipstick on the collar, of the shirt I bought ya
Only problem is, it’s not my shade


You’re gonna be surprised
When you come home tonight
And you’re sweet things up and gone, ha!

Closet full of empty hangers,
Bureau full of empty drawers,
All the room you’ll need,
To store those memories
The ones we won’t be makin’ anymore

That somebody is
That somebody is
That somebody is…you