From the album About Love

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Megan Sheehan / Bob Regan (BMI/ASCAP)
© 2012 Ms. Coco Music Publishing (BMI). © 2012 Circle C Songs (ASCAP). All Rights Reserved. Used By Permission.

A dozen roses, and some chardonnay,
You come back to say, you love me, and you’re sorry
You look surprised as you look at me,
Cause usually, I’d be crying, trying, to make it all okay
But this time it’s too late

You’re already a memory
And you’re fading away
You feel close to me,
As close as yesterday
You’re somebody I used to know
And I’m looking on down the road
You’ve lost your hold on me (your power over)
You’re already a memory

I see right thru you, as you ask again,
Will I let you in, we’ve done that, can’t go back
All you are to me’s an old love song, it’s been so long,
You’re an echo, in the distance
Still reaching out, but it’s no use now


You’re already a memory yeah

½ Chorus

You’re already a memory, you’re already a memory, you’re already a memory