From the album About Love

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Seth Jones / Kylie Sackley (SESAC/BMI)
© 2012 Curb Congregation Songs (SESAC). © 2010 Steel Wheels Music (BMI), admin. by Big Loud Bucks / Figjam Music (BMI), admin. by Big Loud Bucks. All Rights Reserved. Used By Permission. International Copyright Secured.

It was a cold day in July
The sun fell out of the sky
Light turned to dark
Inside my broken heart

That feeling brought me to me knees
Sucked the air right out of me
Slapped me in the face
Tried to take my faith

Time goes by seasons change
The chapter ends you turn the page
You realize there’s a beauty in the breaking
Comfort in the pain
Just as they say the Phoenix passes
Another rises from the ashes
Yeah the world I knew was ending
But my life was just beginning

So go on and cry baby cry
Let the tears fall down from your eyes
Till there’s nothing left
And you can see what’s up ahead

I cross my heart this won’t last
Soon your now will be your past
You’ve barely just begun
There’s so much more to come

I know you can’t see it now
But somewhere up above the clouds
There’s a blue blue sky
A blue blue sky